Monday, January 24, 2011

Rose City Classic Show Setup to Tear Down

So started my day early, with a wake up call from my cousin....he didn't realize that there was a 3 Hour time difference! It was partially my fault...with all the hurrying out of the door with the weather issues....I didn't get a chance to say bye and give hugs for the road!! Sorry EJ! But, It was a good thing It gave me a jump start on what I had to do for the day! We are launching out new Oma's Pride Web cite....I still have quite a bit to do....but I wanted to get it launched for the Show and customer visits that were soon to follow!  Check it out   As always we appreciate feedback and just keep in mind that it is not complete!  There is still quite a bit of download that needs to occur from my brain to the cite....but it is up and running!

So we, (Kristina, Jessie and I) met at the set it up! We weren't open for business but there were people that still wanted to learn, so between the customers...we set up the booth!
So at the end I recorded a video....that currently doesn't want to upload...but I might be able to upload it tomorrow!

So I guess that I need to preface this story.... I am out in Portland for the Rose City Classic, we have a distributor out here that covers Washington, Oregon, and Idaho! They are called Solid Gold NorthWest (from here on out will be referred to as SGNW) their web cite is   They have some amazing people that work with them!!! The other one in the video is Kristina; she is the sales and marketing person!!

Photo's of the Booth

Smoked items (Bully Sticks, Trachea, Bones)
Notice the Banner....YEAH Miller Foods, Inc.

Back: Mike showing off the Freezer
Front: Main Display area, Supplements on the Left, Front and center Oma's Pride Raw Food (1lb. Turkey and Vegetable Mix , 5lb. Beef and Vegetable Mix, 2lb. Chicken and Vegetable Mix  spilt knuckle, multi joint knuckle and 7-8inch bone) behind that is the Freeze Dried treats that went over so well!   On the Right is our extensive line of Freeze dried options out for display

The Sign, Always a question on placement..but this is the direction most people were the rest of the rings were that way!  

From Left to Right
Kristina, Jessie, Mike, Camlyn

So we met really great people through the show, it is really great to make that face to face contact.  On Saturday I am pretty sure that I didn't stop from 7:45 till at least is really great to be that busy and educating people along the entire way from just a basic introduction to trouble shooting the diet! It was a great show! 

At the End of Each day we give away what is on the table, because we use our actual product and don't want to compromise the integrity of the product! (Which is great to know if you will be seeing us on the road and need some food for the evening!  Check our web for additional dates and shows that could be in your area)

There is an fun video of a Ridgeback and a boxer enjoying some bones! Please keep in mind...these videos are not edited! 

I think that these videos need to be uploaded on a ethernet connection or wired in! Either way I will attempt to again upload them! 

Stay tuned for updates!
Thanks for stopping bye! 
Ciao for Now!!!

P.S. If you know of any shows that you think would be a good fit for us....Please don't hesitate to let us know!

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