Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures of the International Kennel Club

Our journey began on Monday the 21st of February 2011 with a departure from our homebase in Avon, CT.  We had relatively good weather till around 11:30PM when the snow started to pick up and cars started to fly off the road.  We had a minor detour due to a major accident, so around 12:30AM we called it a night and posted up in the nearest Comfort Inn.  After a good nights sleep and a quick breakfast, we hit the road again. 

Just about two and a half hours later we ended up in Akron, OH. We ventured into the University of Akron and stumbled upon the Jablonski Sculpture, "a gift of the Zimmite Corporation in tribute to Nola M. Guzztta's humanitarian interest in providing for the blind a vision of artistic and architectural design through touch." Across the street was this other interesting piece. A polymer base sculpture, towering the middle of a culdesac.  Overall, it was a nice break in the driving and a delicious segue to the Luigi's right down the street.  Great pizza, fantastic salad (lots of cheese), with an Itallian atmosphere.

The Lucky Dog
Eventually we made it to Powell, OH to meet Jim and Tanya Alloway.  Great people who support Oma's Pride and have recently opened up Lucky Dog. It is a day camp, training and grooming facility; a very impressive building.
Jim is an accomplished dog trainer with over 25 years of experience. He has learned from, and trained with some of the top trainers in the world. Jim has expertise in a variety of training areas including competitive obedience, aggression/behavior modification, tracking, protection, police service training, and Schutzhund. Check him out here
Tanya, Cam and Miss Lady Liberty.

Great day with great people.  Can't beat it.

Next up: Our experience at the IKC event in Chicago, IL.

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